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For over 10 years we offered students a choice on prices for tutors ranging from full Ph.D. professors to college freshman just starting out. We offered the one and only best guarantee in the industry, our "Guaranteed A or B or Free!" Today, students can save even more on their rates. You can now get tutors at "cost." Plus, our tutors work for all competitor tutoring services. Our tutors are "their" tutors, but now without any service mark up. I invite you to sample our tutors for one FREE hour before you invest your hard earned cash.
Now, read testimonials from our own students about their tutoring experiences.

I have been with C.A.R.E. tutors for almost 3 years. Robb brought me through general chemistry 1 and 2, and also organic chemistry 1 and 2. I passed all classes with an A except for the first round of organic 1. Because of the guarantee, I got 25 free hours and took the class again. The first time I took ochem I was working full time and my grades suffered. On the advice of my tutor, I quit my job to refocus my attention just on my class, and I actually got an A. Second semester I got an A-. My classmates couldn't believe I did so well and frankly, neither could I. My professor was also surprised.

Now I need to pass the DAT!

Thanks goes out to my tutor and C.A.R.E.

Lisa P.
(if you would like to speak to Lisa, Email her.)

I met up with a tutor and he got me through math, physics, and chemistry. I bought the guaranteed plans, 25 hours per class, which was quite an investment for me. I figured I need to pass these classes the first time, so over time it would save me money not having to repeat any classes. The tutors were great and the study skills package really helped. I never needed the guarantee because I always got the grades I wanteed.

Satpreet S.

For me, the impossible class to pass was gen chem, and I bought the A or B package. It does work, it's a lot of hours but we used them once or twice a week, for the whole semester. If you spread it out and actually try, you can do just fine.

Kim H.

My tutor and I achieved the impossible. I wanted to apply to dental school in a year and hadn't taken either general or organic chemistry. So, my tutor and I prepared for me to take both series at the same time during the summer of 2006. To prepare, my tutor taught me the entire general chemistry 1 class before I took the actual class. That took about two weeks, 16 hours per week. Then I used another 20 hours during the 5 week organic chemistry class. By the time we finished, yes, I wanted to scream at my tutor because it was intense, but I actually got an A in gen chem 1 and a B in organic 1.

I don't recommend you try this unless you have a lot of discipline.

Matt S.

Chemistry 1, 20 hours. I got a B and never have to take the class again. It was hard and without the tutoring I would never have made it.

Michael H.

I started with chemistry, moved on to physics, and in both endeavors got A's in my classes. I have never had to take a class twice using their services. Now and then I get a tutor for math or for writing a paper. It's just hard work made easier because their tutors know my classes, what I have to know to do well, and know where most students are going to get tripped up. I have known the owners and have even helped in the office occasionally, so I have seen first hand how many students get the A or B. And if they don't, because it happens, they get to walk around campus telling everyone they are getting free tutoring.

Rathany E.
(if you would like to speak to Rathany, Email her.)

Organic chemistry 1, my tutor was great. She pulled me through the class, was professional, no problem. Their study skills package is genius.

Evan G.

I took Vector Calculus and Mechanical Engineering, and used exactly 27 hours. I had to add 2 hours at the end of the semester. My tutor and I used every minute because the classes were tough. I split the hours between the classes so even though I did not actually use 25 hours toward one class, I still got the grades.

Mike M.

I bought the "A, B, or C, or Free" (15 hours) package for writing papers for my political science class. I used exactly 15 hours and it did the job, I did well.

Zach W.

I purchased for my son Ariel the "A or B or Free" package for Algebra 2/Trigonometry. My son is a high school student. We used just over 20 hours. I would recommend his tutor and the service and will use them again if needed.

Susan H.

I purchased the hours but did not take any of the assessments, which I didn't realize were required. My son missed out on this element of the tutoring and did not get even a B. The administrators were sympathetic to my son and still gave us a few free hours to start over. You need to take the assessments because, as I learned, that's what makes the difference. I particularly liked the advice on how to talk to my son's teachers, the "schmoozing" lesson.

Melissa T.

I purchased the 15 hour package but only used about 5 hours. The class turned out to be easier than I thought, so I got transfer the hours to other classes. If you don't use your hours you can keep them for later use, even another school.

Lisa A.

We have been using C.A.R.E. tutor since 2007. We live in New York where our daughter goes to NYU. For our son at UCLA we bought additional packages. Sociology and English were the courses. We are pleased with our children's success and applaud the effort by the service.

Thank you,

Diane I.