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For over 10 years, we have helped thoudands of physics students across the country not only PASS statistics classes but also dominate!

"As a chemist, I can appreciate the physics majors. Among the brightest students in the world, physicists are a rare breed. Biology is merely watered-down chemistry and chemistry watered-down physics. Physics, now that is a true science." -- Robb aka "Alexander the Great"

Before he is linched by his own biology and chemistry tutors, the point is that physics is... hard! Whether it is non calculus-based physics, calculus-based physics, engineering physics, statics, dynamics, or modern physics, our tutors are the very same "wonder gods" Robb met in college. Every campus has a "go to" tutor for physics and, fortunately, they work for us.

Unfortunately, quite a few programs require physics: science majors and as an elective for non science majors. It is also a very important class for health professionals. A solid understanding of physics will give you an edge on your fellow classmates, the ones you must compete with to get into graduate programs. With our help, you will "conquer" the maze of physics.

Today, we hire only the top tutors from each university or college. Personally screened by our founder, our tutors are the "go to" tutors for their campuses.

Our former students are now medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, physician assistants, and even chemistry professors. You can get a tutor from us or even free advice on how to get into medical school.

If you need more convincing, contact our founder Robb aka "Alexander the Great" directly at 702-772-5570. Ask him to demonstrate his remakable physics memory tricks!

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