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Super Tutors USA Donated to
C.A.R.E. of America!

Super Tutors USA celebrates it's 10 year anniversary. Originally a for profit tutoring service of 1, in 1 city, we are now over 18,000 tutors strong in 50 states. Once a for profit tutoring service like the rest, Super Tutors is in it's 4th year as a non profit organiziation. As a member organization of the Center for Academic Research & Enrichment, we are able to offer our students a 50% tax-deductible donation for services.

Center for Academic Research & Enrichment (C.A.R.E.) is a national non profit educational service and research group that is dedicated to providing services that will benefit individuals both academically and in life. C.A.R.E. offers tutoring for all ages: all academic subjects, K-12 and college levels. All donations go to run our organization and to provide services for study skills research and development, which includes free study skills seminars.